Hoping the Drupal community really does wake up

I hope this bit of introspection from tsvenson over at drupal.org (Wake up community – WordPress.org should scare you!) gets some traction. He makes some excellent points about how the drupal.org experience is likely to scare away anybody but the most hardy self implementers. I believe that the system is worth the effort, but acknowledge that it does take a huge amount of effort to bridge the gap from considering an install and actually doing one. Drupal 7 has made some good improvements in being easier to use as a novice, but if people are scared away when they try to play with it… where are they going to go? (and yeah… my blog is … in wordpress…)

smugmug and lightroom

Just a quick note that I’m REALLY liking the integration between smugmug and Adobe Lightroom 3.  You can see my smugmug stream at:


The only thing I’m looking for is the ability to sync photo metadata back from smugmug (since it offers the ability to allow others to tag, caption, etc)

On “protection” plans

For the first time in a long time I broke down and accepted the protection plan that big box offered me when I was checking out.  You know, “just pay an extra $15 and you will be able to exchange the thing you are buying at any time for any reason…”  I’ve always viewed these things as something that earns them extra cash while “covering” you with additional warranty service that is hard to use and inadequate when you do.

Well, I have to say … it actually seems to have been worth it on these $70 headphones I bought.  I thought to myself, “I always mangle my headphones.. what the hell, why not?!”

I bought the coverage and, so far, I’ve received 3 “free” new pairs of headphones to replace the ones that failed on me.  All I’ve had to pay is a few minutes in line at the Service Counter.  They’ve been pleasant and efficient and soon after walking in, I’ve been told to go select a new pair from the headphone display.  This last time, it is clear the manufacturer has redesigned the piece that has been failing… so maybe this set will last a bit longer. [grin]

So far… a good bet.

Seriously? iPhone5?

Really. We have no idea when the next iPhone product will be announced. Apple isn’t at all consistent about when it announces such things. June 2011 you say? Never would have guessed.

Getting started again

So – it has been a long while since I did any posting on a personal blog. Time to get back to hosting what I say in a place where I “own” it.