I am Aaron Choate. I live in Austin, TX with my wife Cara Fealy-Choate and our dogs, and our cats, and our chickens, and our guinea fowl, and….

I have enjoyed an extensive career in digital libraries development, digitization,  digital preservation, internet & web applications and technology integration program management.  I now work at the University of Texas Libraries as the Director of Research & Strategy guiding our exploration of the impact technology innovations have on our systems and services and the people that rely on them.

During my “spare” time, I work to tinker with sustainable technologies, machine learning, robotics/automation, obsess over advances in transportation and design and build custom electric vehicles.  Once we even had a company that did this work for others through  REVOLT Electric Vehicles.

I continue to support the electric vehicle enthusiast community in Austin, TX through AustinEV as well as national electric vehicle efforts as the Director for Technology and Strategy for the Electric Auto Association.

I have a continued fascination with sustainable technologies, automation, connectivity, electric vehicles and transportation.